Teresa Pooley

Recovery Advocate Supervisor
Fairmont Program


My name is Teresa Pooley and I started at the HOH in Mankato (Men’s House) in October of 2010.  Starting at HOH I was an every other weekend, very part time RA.  I found that I really loved this job, and proceeded to pick up as many shifts as possible, besides my 16 hours every other weekend.  After a year of learning everything I could at the men’s and women’s houses in Mankato, it was time for the Fairmont location to get set up.  I threw myself into helping clean, paint…lots of paint, and get the Fairmont HOH all set up and ready to open.  When Fairmont opened, I started my full time day shift, and I loved it!  I worked hard, did what I could to learn even more.  Lots of people came and went over the years, which gave me the opportunity to finally apply for the RA Supervisor position here in Fairmont, and that is where I currently am.  I still love my job, which makes it easy to come into work everyday!