About the House of Hope

House of Hope Mankato MinnesotaMission Statement

The House of Hope, Inc. provides residential and non-residential treatment services specializing in providing a "holistic" approach to treatment for individuals that have substance use and mental health disorders. All of our programs are licenced by the Minnesota Alcohol/drug abuse division as Co-Occurring programs.

About House of Hope, Inc.

House of Hope, Inc. founded a house for men in 1971. the program started as a halfway house program for chemically dependent men. It eventually was re-classified as a medium intensity residential chemical dependency treatment facility. This program serves 29 adult men and has a room designed to accommodate a participant who has a physical disability.

House of Hope, Inc. expanded in October of 2006 with the addition of the women's residential program. It serves 9 adult women.

With the increase of service demand, the House of Hope opened and adult co-ed facility Fairmont, MN serves 26 clients.