Donations help the clients of HOH in ways that may surprise you.

Consider these stories

  • The 2 vans and car drive around 20 to 40 miles a day in Mankato. The Van in Fairmont puts on nearly 30 miles per days as well. The trips include rides for job hunting, to work, to school and for GED appointments. They also include trips for medical appointments and prescription pick-up. The cook uses the van to pick up groceries. One fill of the gas tank costs approximately $100 for our 12 passenger van and $75 each for the two 7 passenger vans.
  • Groceries for 3 meals a day, including sack lunches for work come to around $7000 to $10,000 per month for all of our facilities.
  • The Special Needs fund has helped clients to purchase work boots so that they could obtain a job. It has paid for the GED tests for some clients.

You may direct your financial contributions to any or all of the following areas:

General Operation – This program encompasses the operation of our facility from lighting to food expenses.

Special Needs – The Special Needs fund loans money to our clients when they are in need. Often clients come to our facility with little or nothing. Clients may need cash to help them refill their medications, get legal documents such as driver’s licenses, and to purchase household items such as laundry soap and personal hygiene products. When a client begins working he/she pays this fund back so it can help another client in need.

Transportation – Often our clients need rides around town for medical appointments, job interviews, etc. The House of Hope have a 12 passenger van, two seven (7) passenger vans, and one car to accommodate this need. Donating to this program would help supply fuel, insurance, and repairs when needed.

Client Scholarship Fund – Monetary donations used to provide financial support for individuals to enter out-patient treatment.

Build Project – Monetary donations used to address client barriers while in treatment and upon discharge.

House of hope is a 501(C)(3) Non-profit organization. This means that your contribution is tax deductible.

The House of Hope is a proud sponsor of the Leave a Legacy ® Mankato Area program.

Donations are always accepted and appreciated.