The House of Hope’s, GED Program officially began in January, 2006. The program was inspired by the efforts of a House of Hope client who had been assisting other clients in the development of math, reading and other academic subjects, as a way to enhance both his and their recovery efforts. The understanding, that successful recovery from chemical dependency and addiction is based on a sense of empowerment, through the successful completion of personal goals, is what the GED program is all about.

GED has quickly become an extension of the services already provided by House of Hope, Inc. Clients  who do not possess a high school diploma or GED are provided the opportunity to participate in the GED program as one of their treatment plan goals. The length of treatment services does not always allow for a client to obtain their GED.

The House of Hope, Inc. Build Fund provides scholarships to clients participating in or who have successfully completed any House of Hope, Inc. program. They will be provided an opportunity to pursue their GED at a later date at no cost to them.

GED Program Testimonials

“Well, let me begin by saying; before starting the GED Program, I never would have taken the classes because in my mind I didn’t think it was even possible for me to achieve such a goal”. “I started working on the practice tests while at the House of Hope”. “After that I knew I could do it by working to the best of my abilities”.” I’ve taken three tests so far”. “Passing them made me a better person today because I didn’t give up on my life-long dream”. “Having the support of the HOH Staff here really made me stay positive and work hard.”” I now can hold on to my goals have always wanted to achieve”.
– Thelma O.

“The GED courses here at House of Hope are very helpful with people’s recovery”. “Also they help to give clients a little nudge, to actually complete something in life”. “It is very important to finish your schooling.” “It will also help to get a better career in life as well”. “People can actually say that they’re not a dropout anymore”. “I personally like the extra help with my GED study”. “If I didn’t’ have the extra help, I would probably never finish my schooling”. “I thought I would never be able to complete my GED, but now it looks like I will”.
– Amanda B.

“I would like to thank you for this program”. “It was a chance to work towards my GED when I did not expect it”. “When I got here, I didn’t know there would be this opportunity to get my GED”. “I think this will help me to get work, and it builds my confidence in my sobriety”. “It also makes me proud to think I finally will get this done after all these years”. “It further supports my getting sober, and what is ahead for me in the future looks promising”. “So, once again, thank you for this opportunity”.
– Royce M.