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Group Information


Chemical health assessments are used to determine where an individuals’ use pattern places them on the continuum of dependency. This continuum is based on the DSM-V. Recommendations for level of care will be made based upon the assessment. Rule 25 assessments can help determine eligibility for consolidated treatment funding.

Day and Evening Intensive Non-Residential Programing

  • The Intensive Non-Residential Program is created for those with long term use who have not had a recent treatment episode. Clients “Step Down” as they progress through the program. The length of each phase is dependent upon client progress, completion of treatment plan goals and attendance. Average times are shown.
    • Phase 1: lasts 6-8 weeks with group 3 times per week plus a minimum of 1 weekly individual session
    • Phase 2: lasts 4-6 weeks with group 2 times per week plus a minimum of 1 individual session every 2 weeks
    • Phase 3: lasts 2-4 weeks with group 1 time per week with at least 1 individual during phase 3
    • Aftercare is a 1-hour group per week for 4-6 weeks or as recommended
  • The Day Program holds groups Mon, Wed and Thurs 9am-12pm
  • The Afternoon Program holds groups Mon, Tues, Thurs 1-4pm
  • The Evening Program holds groups Mon, Wed and Thurs 5-8pm

Blue Earth County Treatment (Drug) Courts

  • Blue Earth County Treatment Court groups are Co-Occurring.
  • Co-Occurring groups run the same as the Step Down Program but have the added benefits of:
    • Psychoeducation/Mental Health Coping Skills groups
    • Access to Mental Health Provider On-Site for consultation
    • Weekly individual appointments with a Mental Health Provider (if there is not an established relationship with a community provider)
    • Psychiatric Services (monthly at 3rd Ave Campus-if client does not have an established relationship with a psychiatrist)
    • Weekly Multi-Disciplinary Staffing.
  • The Day Program holds groups Mon, Wed and Fri 9am-12pm
  • The Evening Program holds groups Mon, Wed and Thurs 5-8pm
  • Specialty groups are offered on Tuesday, times will vary.

Individual Tracks

  • Shorter, individualized tracks can be done within either the traditional or co-occurring groups when referred for this particular program via assessment, discharge summary or counselor recommendation. It is best suited for those who are transitioning out of long term residential care (90+ days) or previously completed a treatment episode and have experienced a brief relapse. Length of treatment, number of individual sessions and groups each week are dependent upon recommendations, the participant’s individual progress, completion of treatment plan goals and attendance, but will typically be shorter than the “step down” program.
  • Group three times a week and integrated with the regular IOP Step Down Program (see schedules listed for the appropriate program above).
  • Weekly individual sessions are scheduled with your counselor.
  • For clients who may not benefit from group they may receive recommendations to complete individual sessions only without groups per their treatment plan.