Our assessment process provides a wealth of information about the client’s current condition, including co-occurring issues. Our treatment planning is individualized and reflective of the areas determined to need attention through assessment, including co-occurring conditions, and are continuously updated to assure treatment processes are occurring as agreed upon and progress is being made. Chemical Health Assessments are typically conducted in private settings by professionals that are trained to diagnose addictions. A House of Hope assessment is a one session interview, geared to produce a diagnostic impression and appropriate recommendation(s).


A Rule 25 Assessment is required to receive public funding for substance use disorder treatment, an individual needs to have a chemical use assessment conducted by a Rule 25 assessor. In Minnesota, the process of the assessment and the criteria the decision is based upon are governed by Rule 25. Under Rule 25, an assessor gathers information about an individual and decides whether the individual needs treatment and if so, what type will be the most beneficial. The four levels of care available are primary inpatient, primary outpatient, extended care, and halfway house.


Chemical Health (Rule 25) Assessments are completed for people who need help to pay for chemical health treatment. Eligible people also meet income guidelines, or are on Medicaid fee-for-service programs, on Minnesota Care, or who are living on an Native American reservation. The assessment process is governed by state law.


A number of providers in the Southern Minnesota area provide Rule 25 Assessments. Though some sites target a certain population, all sites provide assessments to any individual.

The House of Hope also provides gambling assessments at no cost. 


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House of Hope offers Chemical Health and Rule 25 Assessments. To schedule an appointment call (507) 385-8774